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First biking of the season!
Well, I had no other wheels since the car broke down...
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March 2021, House Arkko, Kauniainen, Finland
Biking (Bike-Road, Outdoor, Track-Road)

Rethinking this car thing
After the clutch broke, I felt the situation is critical.
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June 2020, House Arkko, Kauniainen, Finland
Car; Biking (Outdoor, Bike-Road, Track-Road, Track-City, Equipment)

Biking to Mont Royal
In my series of biking in the world's cities: Montreal. And visiting Mount Royal for the views and nice park experience. I particularly like the lake on the backside.
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July 2018, Mont Royal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Biking (Outdoor, Bike-City, Track-City, Track-Road, Track-Trail); Climbing (Volcanoes)

The Kauniainen-Vantaa-Tuusula-Espoo-Kauniainen bike ride
I had a nice bike ride with Janne today.... more than 70 kilometres, and through Vantaa to look at the airport, visit my mom in Tuusula, and back via Espoo.
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July 2018, Hyrylä, Tuusula, Finland
Biking (Bike-Road, Track-Road, Outdoor)

Tegelhagens Badplats
100 meter commute to the office from the hotel. Free bikes at the hotel. And a nice beach a bike ride away. Cannot complain!
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June 2018, Tegelhagens Badplats, Sollentuna, Sweden
Biking (Bike-City, Track-Trail, Track-Road, Outdoor); Swimming (Outdoor, Water, Waterbody-Sea, Beach)

Biking to the ski hill, in boots
This morning I woke up and asked myself what would be the most stupid thing I could do today. Can you bike to a ski hill, on your ski boots? Turns out the answer is yes. Although maybe not advisable...
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May 2017, Kauniainen ski hill, Kauniainen, Finland
Skiing (Outdoor, Snow, Lifts); Biking (Bike-Road, Track-Road, Outdoor)

No plastic ski hill in Brazil for me today. My flight schedules had changed, just by a couple of hours but it foiled my plans to collect another country on my way home. Oh well, Buenos Aires is an interesting city. There is no skiing, however. And I have skied Argentina already anyway.
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November 2013, Tigre, Argentina
Biking (Bike-Road, Track-Road, Track-City, Outdoor); Canoeing

The Biking Tourist
Heat wave. Nine day work week with only two hours of free time. Berlin. Summer! Skiing is highly unlikely this week, but fortunately I have a backup sport: biking.
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August 2013, Berlin wall, Berlin, Germany
Biking (Bike-City, Track-City, Outdoor)

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